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Welcome to the European Republic. Learn more about our vision for a brighter, more democratic future in Europe – a Republic where all citizens will be politically equal. This common good is the guiding principle of the republic.

Even though this vision might seem utopian in these times of constant crisis, we believe in a post-national, truly democratic order for our continent. We aim to open the debate beyond the current public discourse that is trapped between EU-centric vocabulary and harsh rhetoric of growing nationalist movements. We want to discuss real alternatives.

There is a Plan B for Europe – The European Republic. We are convinced, our continent can transform into a more democratic, just, and fair place. It needs us, the citizens of Europe, to reach this goal. Especially young Europeans are needed in this endeavor! So talk to your friends! Debate alternative ideas for the future of European politics, its economy, and our shared society.

Why do we need it?

Systems theory tell us that systems, once they have surpassed a certain level of complexity cannot renew themselves. The EU system has long surpassed this point and it is high time to open the debate towards genuine alternatives to the status quo and to rid ourselves of a discourse that is trapped in technical jargon and far removed from the European citizens.

The European Republic, as a thought experiment (and practical proposal), to open the debate. It offers an ideal towards which we can strive in our efforts to ensure a brighter, more democratic and more equal future for ourselves and all European citizens.

National interests and lack of genuine European democracy have too long stood in the way of the realization of a European common good. The Republic, by definition, is the res publica, i.e. the common good. Hence, the European Republic is the natural organizational principal that can positively reshape our future. Unlike the nation state, the Republic is an important guiding principle in European political thought since thousands of years.

In the Republic, all sovereignty emanates from the people, from us all!

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