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We will keep you posted regularly about upcoming events, projects and reflections on our work. Our first story comes directly from the heart of the European project: The European Republic heading for Brussels! On Thursday 20th October, Director of the European Democracy Lab Prof. Dr. UIrike Guérot delivered a keynote speech on the Republic in front of around 800 communication experts from the European institutions and beyond.

Far from just addressing flaws in the EU communication strategies, Dr. Guérot dared to ask if the EU, as a project, can be communicated at all.

So let’s sum it up.

The EU is flawed, neither Parliament nor Commission have the characteristics every democratic parliament and government call their own. People want Europe, but not the EU. People feel at home where they come from and where they live, home has little to do with the nationality printed on someone’s passport. In reality, the nation has proved to be the central obstacle to a truly united Europe.

So how do we go about?

A republic would deliver one thing to the European citizenry that the EU as it is cannot cater for: equality before the law. The power of the nation-state represented by the Council in the institutional framework of the Union perverts this basic idea of our European democratic heritage.

There is one sovereign and one sovereign only: the people. The EU will not work because nation-states hold on to be the sovereign, preventing real change and disregarding the common interest of European citizens. Today’s divisions; rural and urban, globalized and provincial, educated and left-behind, rich and poor, these gaps simply do not know national borders. As Europeans in the 21st century, we share interests and challenges with all people of the continent, not just with those, who were born into the same nation.

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