How can you contribute to the European Republic?

Dear fellow European citizens,

We are more than happy to see our initiative growing and we wish to continue spreading the idea of the European Republic. However, creative thinking also needs funding and in order to process the increasing amount of work we are turning to you for support. We are more than thankful for every euro you can afford to give us – one euro for European Democracy!

Vive la République Européenne !

European Democracy Lab e.V. (i.Gr.)
DE88 4306 0967 1209 7487 02

As soon as we are registered as a non-for-profit organisation, we can issue donation receipts which means your donations will be tax-deductible! For now, the recognition is still pending and we therefore cannot deliver any receipts. The procedures of approval are about to be finished soon. We will keep you posted here.

We are grateful for your support.